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Our experience at your service

Microprecisione® researches, designs and manufactures dental implant and prosthetic systems. We also manufacture precision solutions for the biomedical industry.

The company was founded in 1993 from the experience and, most notably, passion for precision machining of three young entrepreneurs.
Over the years the company has steadily grown both in terms of quality and technology; to date the company boasts highly skilled staff, the competence of dentists and the contribution of an engineering team.

Over the last decade the company specialized in the dentistry business thanks to the development of a solid know-how; in a few years it became one of the major dental implant and component manufacturers in the Modena area.
Thanks to conspicuous investments for upgrading and expanding the machinery, the company is always abreast of the relentless technology evolution.
In the current facility where it moved in 2009, Microprecisione® has a full set of CNC machinery for the purpose of fulfilling its customers’ every requirement.

The combination of modern technology and a long-lived experience gathered over the years turned Microprecisione® is a truly rare gem in the regional industry.

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